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What the french, toast?

Boys and girls, this is it for Goatmoose.

After 2.5 years of mostly meaningless nonsense, I’ve decided to put an end to this site.  We’ve had some good posts, we’ve had a lot of mediocre posts, and we’ve rarely had any focus.

This site has served as a mental dump for me to post commentary, funny videos and pictures, reviews of products and video games, and anything else that crossed my mind as something I should share with the public.  These things have all been fun, have given me a good amount of feedback, and were often enjoyable to put together.  However, they were also often the things that kept the site from being anything cohesive, and kept it from being a place where anyone felt the need to revisit on a regular basis.  Myself included.  I’ve always known I wanted to create things, provide content, and do things that would entertain others.  The problem was that I never knew how to connect my ideas or develop an audience.  I still don’t feel like I do, but I think I’m further along than when I started Goatmoose, and I believe a new start is required for anything good to happen.

As such, I’m working on a fresh platform and have started a new blog for my future endeavors.  For all 4.1 of you that are subscribed to this feed, please stick with me on my new site at  Tell a friend.  It’s going to be swell, and I’d like to have you along.

Thank you to anyone who has visited Goatmoose over the years.  It’s time to move on.  Let’s do something real.


Update – 2/6/15
I am now doing several different things, if you want to keep up.

There’s for fun.

There’s for more fun.

There’s for work, for which I serve as VP.



  • The fish stick box instructs me to “remove fish from plastic pouch before cooking.” I’m pretty sure if I needed the box to tell me that, I don’t deserve to eat.
  • I love finding old vegetables in the bottom fridge drawer that got buried so long ago they’ve turned into such goop puddles that you can’t even tell what vegetables they used to be.
  • Paul & Storm – “Live”

I’m one of those nerds who doesn’t really care for Star Wars. Sorry. Regardless, this rap about Boba Fett gets my mental synapses dancing every time. MC Chris is one of nerdcore hiphop’s foremost rappers. He has a voice that sounds like a ten year old leemur and looks entirely different, but sure knows how to flow. Especially about pod races and intergalactic bounty hunting.

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What happens when a gang of nerdcore rappers pretend they are an elite group of special operatives on call from FOXHOUND to assist Solid Snake in the destruction of Metal Gear?

This, obviously.

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Neil Cicierega is a silly comedian/musician who is not only a super geeky looking fellow, but makes very nerdy music under the name Lemon Demon. This song is weird on a huge level – intensely catchy, humorous, and with a surprise ending!

Drink this bowl of nerd punch for some great Tuesday tunage.

How are the daily nerd songs treating you thus far? Let me hear your opinions on the selections to date.

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Lately I’ve been a sucker for new Kinect content – likely due to the tremendous dry spell of worthwhile games that has been the situation since the device launched last Christmas. Fortunately, the time has come for the Arcade market to jump into Kinect, providing easy access to some simple Kinect-based fun. With a plethora of MS Points sitting in my account, I decided to pick up Fruit Ninja Kinect last week, and Hole in the Wall this week. Overall neither of them are totally amazing, but at least we’re moving in the right direction with easily accessible, creative, original Kinect content.

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